Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hello folks,
Here are some photos from episode 2: Chocolate Bread, and White Spice Pound Cake. The latter is so delicious, reminiscent of the New England ice cream flavor Frozen Pudding. Amazingly, the former did not seem to suffer from the late addition of sugar. A side by side
surely would prove otherwise? Janet


Kristine said...

You two are rockin! The cakes look yummy, especially the spice cake. I find the ingredient of chocolate in that cake intriguing.

lisae68 said...

My mouth watered over the description of the spice cake. Did I mention all donations gladly accepted at your local library?????

Thanks for posting the pics.


BellaJack said...

That spice cake looks perfect, right out of a cooking magazine or something. It sounds really yummy too!