Tuesday, August 7, 2007


For those of you who don't live on the East Coast, there were reports of wide spread heat and humidity and general mugginess in the weather reports. Your wise and intrepid bake throughers decided that baking in 95+ degree heat and 98% humidity would be just plain silly.

So, as is the case, Janet and I can't keep away from each other on Tuesdays. Something about the second day of the work week -- for the rest of the world -- makes us want to hang out together.

I heard a wine shop listed on the radio as having 10,000 square feet. I couldn't quite fathom what 10,000 square feet looked like so I suggested a road trip to find out.

Ok, really it was an excuse to hang out with J and buy wine. I do love wine.

We headed out in my Ford Escape -- I know, it's an SUV, but it really did seem like a wise choice when we were going to be hauling all sorts of crap from the Home Depot. Now, I'm not so sure....

I looked over the directions on my computer, while J left the directions on her counter -- haven't we all done that once or twice before? And we didn't plug in my Navitron 4000. And, we actually made it. In the same amount of time that MapQuest said we would, thank you very much.

This wine store -- Star Wines in Monroe NY (There is a link at the right) -- was like Valhalla for wine lovers. There was row after row of wines and spirits. Not to sound too much like an ad, but it rated the most "Oh, Look At That"s I've ever experienced since I walked into Bruised Apple (Peekskill's very own used bookstore). The wine, plentiful and reasonably priced. Stop by and see them if you can. They were very nice to us.

I had promised Michael that I'd only buy one bottle -- Well, that wasn't really true. I bought about 6. Some I'd had before and liked (who would buy another bottle of wine they didn't like, I'd like to know.) I had to get the Pink Truck. It's a rose wine from the people who make Red Truck Table Wine in California. Hey, it's pink and I do like a rose from time to time.

Really the whole trip was about restocking J's Chambord that we'd used in the absolutely kick ass cake -- the White Velvet Butter Cake (pg 46) on July 17. We'd finished her bottle of Chambord. Just so you know, it wasn't like we poured a ton into the Mousseline or into ourselves, there was only the required amount left in the bottle.

I have to apologize for talking about Chambord as a cherry liqueur. It is made from black raspberries, and I know that now. I was wondering why it went so well with the raspberry mousseline, and now I know. Haven't you ever said the wrong word or pronounced something completely wrong and after a couple minutes realized it wasn't what you meant to say or even the right way to say it? Well, this is just like that only it's in print for all the world to see.

So we didn't really do any baking this time. We just went wandering in a very large and well stocked wine/liquor store and had a wonderful time.

You know, it didn't really get that hot today. Janice Huff, the weather person on Channel 4 (NBC), said that it didn't hit the record highs they were expecting due to clouds and a front of some sort that was closer to us than they thought. See, even with WeatherTron 4000, they can't get it right every time.

But when they got it wrong, we got it right -- a fantastic wine store and a road trip with friends!

Next week as I'm away for training on the new haircuts/color techniques/fashion for Fall/Winter 2007/08 in Chicago, we'll have to find some way to hang out together. We'll keep you posted on what's up for us. Our baking schedule has been a tad spotty this summer, hopefully September will mean a return to a cake or two a week.

Bake through (or if it's hot, drink through)


Here are a few of our favorites- the sparkler from Australia is a shiraz: beautiful deep red bubbly. -J

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