Friday, October 10, 2008

Double Daring Bakers

Red Velvet Cake!!

And, it's not disgusting. Ok, many of you weren't expecting it to be vile... but, I was. The whole idea of eating that much food dye is just foul. The one other time I made a red velvet cake (cup cakes), I spit out the bite I tried to taste. I couldn't get past the knowledge that there was so much "fake" in the food, and it's all I could taste.

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! This one was good, and there really wasn't that much dye. At least, not so much that it tasted like chemical.

The DBers were free to choose their own recipe for this challenge, and as we are following in their footsteps, we (the double DBers who are completing all the past challenge recipes) did the same.

Robb found many recipes on the magical interweb, and the one we chose came from Epicurious.
We didn't add the berries called for, and we did add some coconut and pecans to the middle and top of the cake, but all else was as written. It was a tasty cake. The texture was very nice and moist, with a suggestion of chocolate. With only 1 tablespoon of red food color, it wasn't as neon red as some, and frankly, we liked that very much.


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Cristine said...

Looks great! I bet it tasted wonderful with the coconut and pecans. :)