Monday, January 5, 2009

The gift that keeps giving

I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions lists.  I've found that I've done well with my resolutions being singular and often easily completed in a week or so of the nerve wracking January 1 date.  One year my goal was to read Anna Karenina. I had purchased it a few months before and it was staring at me.  Since then, I've only had the resolve to read one specific book per year.  There was a year when I decided that I'd quit smoking.  Luckily, that one held -- I'm now 2 years smoke free.

But, if you were to look at our blog, you'd think that both J and I were meeting some resolution inflicted quota.

Way back in August I got a great gift from my baking companion -- an Easy Bake Oven.  It actually meant a lot to me -- in my younger days, my neighbor had one (circa 1972) and we would bake in it and I used to play with her Barbie dolls too, but that's not really relevant to this blog.

Today, with a bit of time and a swift kick to my pants, I made a cake in my Easy Bake Oven.  Here's what I learned: The cake sticks a bit.  The batter is a bit runny.  The frosting way thick.  The smell is compelling.  Frosting the cake was easier than I remember it -- I assume it was from all the practice I've gotten with this blog. 

The cake that came out of my lightbulb heated plastic oven was quite nice.  A bit spongy, but all in all an "adequate cake" to paraphrase J's father.

The chocolate frosting was a bit thick, but a couple drops of water fixed that right up.  It was tasty -- but remember folks, I'm the one who's written about frosting with a tub o' frosting, so my opinion on frosting is a bit suspect.

Notice the lovely cake plate -- just the right size to showcase this lovely treat -- J and Kev got it for me for Christmas.  


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